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湖南省蓝山二中高中英语 Unit1 Project学案 牛津译林版选修8


湖南省蓝山二中 2014 年高中英语 Unit1 Project 学案 牛津译林版 选修 8

2) an actor's part in a film or play: 角色

She's got a leading/supporting role in the school play. She plays the role of a crooked lawyer.
2. From the early 1930s to the early 1950s, traditional jazz went into a bit of a decline. (P30) 从 20 世纪 30 年代早期到 20 世纪 50 年代早期,传统的爵士乐有一点没 落了。 decline v. [I] to gradually become less, worse, or lower: 减少,衰退

His interest in the project declined after his wife died. The party's popularity has declined in the opinion polls. The land declines sharply away from the house.
v. [I or T] to refuse: 拒绝

I invited him to the meeting but he declined. He declined my offer. [+ to infinitive] They declined to tell me how they had got my address.
decline n. [S or U] when sth. becomes less in amount, importance, quality or strength: 衰 退,减少

industrial decline Home cooking seems to be on the/in decline (= not so many people are doing it). a decline in the number of unemployed She seemed to be recovering and then she went into a decline.
3. During the 1950s, R& B changed modern music further and led to what we know as rock and roll. 在 20 世纪 50 年代,R&B 进一步改变了现代音乐,发展成为我们现在所熟 知的摇滚乐。 further adv. comparative of far (DISTANCE); to a greater distance or deg ree; at a more advanced level: 进一步地

I'm afraid I never got further than the first five pages of 'Ulysses'. We discussed the problem but we didn't get much further in actually solving it. The whole matter is further complicated by the fact that Amanda and Jo refuse to

speak to each other. Every day she sinks further and further into depression.
go further/take sth. further If you go or take sth. further, you take it to a more advanced stage: 进展

Before we go any further with the project I think we should check that there's enough money to fund it. If you wish to take the matter further, you can file charges against him.
adj. at a greater distance: 更远的

It was much further to the town centre than I remembered. Fourteen miles is further than you'd think once you start to run it. Is that her at the further (= other) end of the room?
adj., adv. more or additional: 额外的(地), 进一步的(地)

Have you anything further to add? If you have any further problems do let me know. It cost me ?5 0 a day and a further ?60 for insurance. This shop will be closed until further notice. We need to talk further about this.
v. [T] to advance sth.: 使进展

He has probably done more to further the cause of interracial harmony than any other person. Additional training is probably the best way to further your career these days.
lead to lead to sth. phrasal verb If an action or event leads to sth., it causes that thing to happen or exist: 导 致,致使

Reducing speed limits should lead to fewer deaths on the roads.
高考链接 1. The discovery of new evidence led to . (2003 上海) A.the thief having caught B.catch the thief C.the thief being caught D.the thief to be caught 2. Once a decision has been made, all of us should it. (2004 湖北) A.direct to B.stick to C.lead to D.refer to 答案及解析: 1. C. lead to 短语 to 为介词,需跟动名词作宾语。 2. B. stick to 坚持。 一旦有了决定,我们所有人都应该坚持这一决定。 4. He thought he could make a fortune if he could find a white man who could sing like a black man. (P31) 他想,如果他能找到一个可以像黑人一样演唱的白人,他就可 以发大财。 fortune n. [C] a large amount of money, goods, property, etc: 财富

She inherited a fortune from her grandmother. He lost a fortune gambling. You can make a fortune out of junk if you call it 'antiques'. This dress cost a (small) fortune. Any painting by Van Gogh is worth a fortune.

n. [C or U] chance and the way it affects your life: 机会,机遇

He had the (good) fortune to train with some of the world's top athletes. The family's fortunes changed ove rnight.
tell sb.'s fortune to discover what will happen to someone in the future, for example by looking at the lines on their hands or using a special set of cards: 占卜, 算命 5. Elvis musical life was cut short when he was drafted into the army in 1958. (P31) 埃尔维斯的音乐生涯在 1958 年他入伍时中断。 draft n. [C] a piece of text, a formal suggestion or a drawing in its original state, often containing the main ideas and intentions but not the developed form: 草稿

This is only a rough draft—the finished article will have pictures as well. She asked me to check the (first) draft of her proposal.
v. [T] 1) to write the first rough version of sth. such as a letter, speech, or book: 打草稿,起草,草拟 Draft a proposal for the project and we can discuss it at the meeting. 2) to force someone by law to serve in one of the armed forces: 征兵

They were drafted into the army.
adj. [before n.]

a draft plan/bill/proposal
6. They continue to have almost universal appeal today, even though they broke up in 1970. 尽管他们在 1970 年就解散了,但直到今天,他们仍有着几乎是全球性的吸引力。 continue v. [I or T] to keep happening, existing or doing sth., or to cause sth. or someone to do this: 继续,持续

[+ to infinitive ] It's said that as the boat went down the band continued to play. [+ ing form of verb] If she continues drinking like that, I'll have to carry her home. Do you intend to continue (with) your studies? If the rain continues, we'll have to cancel tonight's plans. Sally Palmer will be continuing as chairperson this autumn. The article continues/is continued on page ten.
[I] to start to do sth. again after a pause: 中断后继续

After stopping for a quick drink, they continued on their way. [+ ing form of verb] He paused for a moment to listen and then continued eating. The president continued by saying that his country was a free country and w ould always remain so. [+ speech] "I don't like your weather!" she shouted, "and I don't," she continued, "like your food."
break sth. up phrasal verb 1) to divide into many pieces, or to divide sth. into many pieces: 分裂

The company has been broken up and sold off.
2) If an occasion when people meet breaks up or someone breaks it up, it ends and people start to leave: 解散,结束,放假


The meeting broke up at ten to three. I don't want to break up the party but I really have to go now. We broke up for the holidays in June.
3) If a marriage breaks up or two people in a romantic relationship break up, their marriage or their relationship ends: (婚姻,友谊等)破裂

Jenny and George have broken up. She's just broken up with her boyfriend.
break 常用短语 break out (START) phrasal verb If sth. dangerous or unpleasant breaks out, it suddenly starts: (灾难等)突然爆发

War broke out in 1914. Fighting has broken out all over the city.
break out (ESCAPE) phrasal verb to escape from prison:

They broke out of prison and fled the country.
break through sth. phrasal verb to force yourself through sth. that is holding you back: 突破

Protesters broke through the barriers.
break away (ESCAPE) phrasal verb to leave or to escape from someone who is holding you: 挣脱,摆脱

He grabbed her, but she managed to break away. FIGURATIVE One or two of the tourists broke away from the tour group.
break down (MACHINE) phrasal verb 1) If a machine or vehicle breaks down, it stops working: (机器等)出故障

Our car broke down and we had to push it off the road.
2) If a system, relationship or discussion breaks down, it fails because there is a problem or disagreement. (谈判等)失败 3) to be unable to control your feelings and to start to cry: 崩溃

When we gave her the bad news, she broke down and cried.
break sb. in (PREPARE) phrasal verb If you break someone in, you train them to do a new job or activity:

The boss did not believe in breaking his staff in gently.
break in/break into sth. (BUILDING) phrasal verb to get into a building or car using force, usually to steal sth.: 强行闯入

The burglar s broke in through the kitchen window. My car's been broken into twice this month
break in phrasal verb to interrupt when someone else is talking: 插嘴

As she was talking, he suddenly broke in, saying, "That's a lie".
break into sth. phrasal verb to suddenly begin to do sth.: 突然爆发

He felt so happy that he broke into song (= suddenly began to sing). She walked quickly, occasionally breaking into a run (= starting to run).
break sth. off phrasal verb

1) to separate a part from a larger piece, or to become separate: 折断

He broke off a piece of chocolate.
2) to end a relationship: 中断

They've broken off their engagement. The governments have broken off diplomatic relations. She broke off in the middle of a sentence.
高考链接 1. The computer system suddenly __________while he was searching for information on the Internet. (2006 辽宁) A. broke down B. broke out C. broke up D. broke in 2. I was still sleeping when the fire _______________, and then it spread quickly. (2006 广东) A. broke out B. put out C. came out D. got out 3. News reports say peace talks between the two countries _________ with no agreement reached. (2005 湖北) A.have broken down B.have broken out C.have broken in D.have br oken up 答案及解析: 1. A. 电脑忽然出了故障。 2. A. 火突然爆发,突然失火。 3. A. 和*谈判失败了。


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